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Shared by Theresa

My dad is 70yrs old approaching 40 years in prison. I’m his oldest child. I’m 49yrs old and since a young girl I craved a normal daddy daughter relationship. Dad and I do the best we can at building a daddy’s girl’s relationship, therefore I travel 7 hours to the prison every three months. So hyped when I see my dad behind that glass barrier, but when it’s time to leave him I’m that lost little girl All over again until our next visit. Sometimes I feel my soul is stuck there in the cell with my daddy He’s constantly on my mind trapping me Right there with him in solitary confinement.

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Shared by Gaile

My son is incarcerated. It’s a burden. I visit him when I’m able to travel. He is here in PA and I live in Nevada.

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Shared by Kayla

My dad is incarcerated, I think about him all the time. I wonder if he’s OK or not, and hope that he is in good health. I visit him because he’s my dad and people do stupid things when their young.

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MIMIC and Wise Men Discussion with Youth @ Thomas Eakins House

The following Audio clips were recorded during a group session moderated by the PA Prison Society’s Ann Shwartzman featuring M.I.M.I.C and The Wise Men (two local ex offender groups working to keep teens from travelling down a similar path). The session took place in front of youth from The Mural Arts Program’s Youth Violence Reduction Program (Y.V.R.P.) and a larger audience comprised of families of the incarcerated and the public. This event was held in August 2011 at the Thomas Eakins House, MAP’s headquarters. Commutations in Pennsylvania (00:24) Tyrone’s Family (01:25) 23,505 Days (02:47) The Isolation of Re-entry (01:38) A Lifer Apologizes (01:22) Stop, Think, Listen (00:37) The Origin of M.I.M.I.C. (Men In Motion in the Community) (01:24) Cemeteries for the Living (00:39) In Their Lives (00:41) Feeling Safe (02:32) Mother of a Newly Convicted Lifer (01:19) Prison Beds (04:16) Comments by a visitor from Dallas (02:30) A Student in Y.V.R.P (Youth Violence Reduction Program) Responds (01:56) A Sixteen Year-Old’s Perspective (02:02) A Closing Message (00:37)

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