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Shared by Terry

I have a brother that is incarcerated. He has been behind the prison walls for 31 years. He is serving a life sentence, Life without parole. He and I are not quite a year apart in age. When he got arrested he left behind a 2 month old baby girl, she’s now 31 years old with 2 sons. I always wonder what kind of life my brother would have had if he hadn’t got arrested? He was 22 yrs old at the threshold of manhood. I know he would have been a great father & a great grandfather! I know he would have been a successful God fearing man! These days folk don’t fear nothing because they lost HOPE! My brother has survived all these years behind the prison walls because hope is still alive in him. Praise God! I know he would have made sacrifices for the sake of others (he was always a giver) still is! I know each day he wakes up and things are still the same, it’s a sacrifice! He is the best brother that anyone could be proud of and I’m very proud of him (My Brother). I love and miss my brother so much!

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